Dozens of tires dumped on Lexington street

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - If you're not familiar with Beverly Avenue, it's a 'No Outlet' street on the north side of Lexington just off of Paris Pike. People there take pride in their yards and in their neighborhood, and keep up their landscaping.

So when they woke up to find piles of tires scattered all over their street, they were concerned.

"Starts at that black mailbox down there," said a man living on the street.

He told WKYT he has lived on Beverly Avenue for several decades.

"All our neighbors, they're really proud of this street too," the man said.

And he wants to know why someone dumped several dozen tires in his neighborhood.

"Here we are sleeping and they're outside throwing large truckloads of trash on your street," said the man.

That left residents to speculate who's responsible.

"I'm just speculating, but it looks like they was just tossing them out, clearing out the rest of the tires," said the man as he pointed down the street at a large pile of used tires.

And whoever is responsible, could face several charges relating to illegal dumping and creating a traffic hazard.

The Lexington Division of Streets and Roads was notified, they'll clean up the mess and then report it to police so they can follow up and investigate.

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