Dozens of tires slashed in Nicholasville

NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Dozens of people woke up Tuesday morning to find the tires on their cars slashed. The vandalism spree happened along Beauford Place, just off South Main Street.

"I came out a little after seven or so and found both vehicles had all the tires slashed," said Ben Johnson.

Of all the victims Johnson was hit the hardest. He had two vehicles parked in a lot, and eight tires slashed.

"I had my cooler for lunch, I just sat it down and was just sick," he said.

He called Nicholasville Police and found out he wasn't alone.

"They told me there were 29 total," Johnson said.

Johnson doesn't live on Beauford, he and his fiance were spending the night so she could take her mother to the doctor Tuesday morning.

"She couldn't make it because that was what the car was parked here for," he said, referring to his car which still had four flat tires.

Johnson estimates it'll cost around $1200 to get eight new tires, money he doesn't have right now.

"It was just a senseless thing to do," he said. "It cost me a day of work, had to call and borrow money to get four tires to go to work tomorrow."

Nicholasville Police say they are investigating but don't currently have any suspects. They are asking the public for tips.

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