Dozens of inmates baptized at Laurel Co. Jail

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It was not something everyone would have thought they would typically see at a jail.

Dozens of inmates came together to ask for forgiveness from a higher power. Jailer Jamie Mosley's vision of expanding the jail ministry has become a reality.

“Cleaning my spirit, I am ready to do it,” said Laurel County Jail inmate Bambi Adams.

Around 70 inmates at the Laurel County Jail said they wanted to wash away their sins in front of their families and the community.

“We are all about God in our community in London and the surrounding communities so to be saved in front of them means a lot to me,” said Adams.

Others echoed Adams’ appreciation for the hundreds who came to show support.

“It means a lot to me that our community is for us,” said Latasha Lynch, another Laurel County Jail inmate.
“Even though we have committed the crimes that we have to have to be here, they are still here for us and knowing that they are here for us means a lot to us.”

Jailer Mosley said officials from Hawk Creek Baptist Church worked with him to make this happen. Rev. Trevor Barton preached to the crowd and said he had been down the path of drugs and destruction but made it through.

“Knowing that we would have 70 inmates that wanted to make this profession and be baptized is something that we did not plan,” said Mosley.
“So it has been a huge welcome surprise.

Mosley said seeing the looks on the inmates’ faces after the fact “made it all worth it.”

Some who participated said it was a really emotional day and they were glad someone gave them a second chance.

“I am glad my family gets the chance to see that I have changed my life around for God,” said Adams.
“Instead of out committing crimes and doing bad things I am trying to do this for them and for myself and for my child.”

Others said this was a step towards recovery, and said they wanted to ask for forgiveness from their families and a higher power.

“I wish my family was here to see me get baptized,” said Jerry Lawson, who relied on the support of the community to witness his moment.
“I love them and I miss them and I am sorry for the things that I have done,” said Lawson.
“I really truly am sorry whether they believe me or not.”

Lawson said he has taken advantage of other programs made available to the inmates, such as obtaining a GED and participating in a drug rehabilitation faith-based program.

Jailer Mosley said they have a lot of programs with Hawk Creek Baptist dealing with substance abuse issues and he hopes they have another event like this in the future.

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