Driver loses control on icy I-75, officers report close call after

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MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Winter weather hit Central Kentucky Monday evening, making roadways, like Interstate-75, slick and dangerous for drivers. As far south as Laurel County, sleet was seen falling and icing over cars. Farther north along the interstate, the roads became icier and one driver found that out the hard way.

"It's kind of a mix, earlier it was actually pretty slick on the interstate," described Sgt. Jake Reed of the Berea Police Department. "This particular vehicle did lose control and struck the divider wall."

The airbags went off, but the driver was not injured.

"Some of my officers were saying as they were getting on the interstate, they were letting each other know to be careful because it was slick out here," added Sgt. Reed.

While on the scene the reality of how icy the road had become was alarming, even for the careful officers.

"As they were working this collision, a dump truck actually came over the hill, back here, did a 360 and actually turned around a couple of times. We had a close call. We thought we were going to have a collision, but luckily we didn't," said Sgt. Reed.

Just a little farther north on I-75 drivers in Richmond witnessed snow fall, giving everything a light dusting.

Salt trucks were seen by WKYT crews working their way along the bridges and highways Monday night.

Still Sgt. Reed urged drivers to be careful, "Just pay attention to what's around you because the roads get slick very quick and that can sneak up on you. So we just want everyone to be careful."

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