Drivers find difficult, snowy road conditions on Scott Co. roads

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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - Road conditions seemed to go from bad to worse in many areas in Georgetown this morning. And it wasn't just the side streets, it was also the main arteries.

Even with the poor conditions, many were still out, and local businesses still opened their doors.
That meant sidewalks had to be shoveled and salted by workers early on.
Some who were at work were surprised what they saw on the roads.

"I don't face the main road. So I looked out and I didn't think anything of it until I got to the road and saw how bad it was. So yeah, I was pretty shocked," said Joshua Keith.

Georgetown Police were out patrolling in the harsh conditions, and monitoring the roads.

"The road conditions are very poor. It seems like snow plows come and plow it, and then the wind takes the snow right back on top. So they've improved, but they're still not very good," said Sgt. Brian Moore with Georgetown Police.

"It's just piled up nothing's been plowed, I don't even know if there's salt on it. It looks kinda sloshy. It's not been too bad, but I would definitely recommend a four wheel drive vehicle," Logan Kincer said, who was on his way from Georgetown to Mt. Vernon.

While Georgetown Police say that they didn't have too many reported accidents within the city limits, county dispatch told us earlier today, between mile markers 127 and 140 there were multiple crashes reported, most due to the weather.

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