Drivers slam into horses along Lexington road

Police shut down the inbound lane of Old Richmond Road after at least two accidents involving horses. The call came in to Lexington Police around five Tuesday morning.

Shortly after everything happened we spoke to the man who saw the whole thing unfold.

Guy Burnham was making his early morning rounds.

"I was on the backside of our farm and on the way coming back over at about 5:30 I saw a vehicle that had crashed through the fence up here and gone through our field," Burnham said.

The night manager at woods edge farm, Burnham's first concern were for the horses involved in the accident.

"Our horses, and first thing I thought was I missed something and some of our horses had crossed across the farm and had got into that field. We were fortunate we had just moved all of ours about a week ago from this field to the backside of the farm," said Burnham.

Burnham stayed along side one of the horses that had been hit by a car as he surveyed the damage and waited for a vet.

All told three cars were involved in the accident, and police tell us none of the drivers were injured.

We're told one horse had to be put down, and while the other was shaken up and cut, it was treated and expected to be ok.

Police tell us there will be no criminal charges in the incident.

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