Dropped keychain causes evacuation of UK dorm

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - An unusual situation left hundreds of UK students out in the cold overnight.

Lexington Fire officials evacuated the Kirwan Four dorm after dozens of students complained of feeling ill.

"I guess people were feeling sick so they called the fire department," explains UK student Kevin Schmidt.

Students were ordered out of the building while fire crews investigated for a possible cause.

They later found out that a student dropped a keychain with a mace dispenser on it. The mace went off and spread into the ventilation system.

"I think the way they handled it was good, they evacuated the building to make sure everyone was okay and found the source. I mean it could have been mace or pepper spray but it also could have been something else, they were just following precautionary measures."

Students were allowed back inside the dorm a short time later after fire crews aired out the building.

No students got seriously ill and no one was transported to the hospital.

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