Drowning victim's friend: 'One who will always be missed'

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Friends gathered to honor a UK student who died on Sunday. Ubong David drowned while fishing on a small pond at a farm on Walnut Hill Road in Lexington. His friends couldn't attend his out of state funeral, so they organized their own memorial.

He was a senior at UK and played basketball on the intramural courts with his friends. But it wasn't the same on these courts this time around as they honored his life. Instead of cheers, on Wednesday night there were prayers on those basketball courts.

"I called him at 7 p.m. and he didn't answer," said Justin Griffin, David's friend. "And then I went out to eat and that's when I got the call."

Dozens gathered for Ubong David, 22, who unexpectedly died in a drowning accident on Sunday.

"He liked to have fun. We went on spring break together a few years ago," said Griffin. "We went fishing, and that's when we figured out he couldn't swim."

"I knew from living with him that he couldn't swim. About a handful of us probably knew he couldn't," said Michael Peel, David's roommate. "I never in a million years thought he'd be out in a pond."

Friends lit candles, put written messages in balloons, and told stories of David. They say they were there celebrating his life, not mourning his death.

"One who will always be missed and remembered," said Jordan Lewis, another friend of David.

"He never had a bad day in his life. He was one of the best people I ever got the chance to have in my life," said another friend.

David was set to graduate in May from UK.

Ubong David is from Texas, and that's where his funeral will be.

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