Drug abuse policy forum held in Frankfort

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Guest speakers, experts in their fields studying the effects of prescription drug abuse spoke before state leaders to discuss Kentucky prescription drug abuse policy.

Putting the emphasis on treatment, both Attorney General Jack Conway and Governor Steve Beshear spoke before the group, as well as a doctor who specializes in addictive medicine, doctor Andrew Kolodny.
Before the panel discussion, Dr. Kolodny outlined the history of addictive medicine, and why and how it gets a stronghold in modern society.

Speakers noted responsibility to battle prescription drug abuse falls not only on physicians for responsible prescribing, but also on federal regulators like the FDA in controlling the drug companies.

Attorney General Conway also touched on the continued pursuit to get pill manufacturer Purdue Pharma in Pike County court. The case would revolve around the addictive property of prescription pills.