Drug issue hits close to home for Jackson County Judge Executive

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MCKEE, Ky. (WKYT) - The drug problems across the state hit close to home for the Judge Executive of Jackson County.

Judge Executive, William O. Smith's daughter, thirty-year-old, Amanda Smith is in jail on drug charges. She is charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of marijuana.

"I've tried to deal with it the best way I could as a parent and as a county judge, " says Smith.

With papers covering his desk, Smith is used to tackling community problems as he has for the past nineteen years in office. But , he realizes some things can't be solved overnight, "Drug problems are probably one of the biggest issues we have to deal with. It's something that affects everyone."

Witnessing his daughters struggle with addiction, he understands how serious it is, "She had at least recently been talking about at least entering a treatment facility of some type. Which was encouraging, only to find that's she's been caught doing something she shouldn't be doing."

Smith says he doesn't have the solution but he's focused on finding one, "I will continue to try to work with everyone involved, the UNITE program, various other programs we have, to try to deal with the drug problem."

Smith tells me that he doesn't have plans to bail his daughter out of jail. He believes that is where she needs to be right now. However, when she does get out he will offer his help.

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