Drug testing for food stamps?

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Will Kentuckians soon have to take a drug test before they receive public assistance? One lawmaker introduced a bill to make that a reality.

A recession and a struggling economy has put a strain on many Kentucky families, causing longer lines at unemployment offices and more people requiring Government assistance.

Representative Lonnie Napier a Republican from Lancaster says some people are taking advantage of the tax payers.

He says, "The food stamp and medical program is being abused."

Napier says that is the inspiration behind his bill, requiring those looking for assistance of all kinds of assistance of all kinds to first take a drug test.

The idea behind the bill he says; If they fail the drug test, they don't get money.

Napier says the test will likely cost about $30 per test, not comforting news to people like Jack Burch, the executive director of Community Action Council.

Burch says, "There are about 750, 00 people who get some type of assistance we're going to spend millions on the tests."

Napier's idea is to have those applying for the aid pay themselves. Burch also says the bill unfairly attacks the less fortunate and is designed to embarrass some people.

When the session resumes, Napier hopes his bill will be heard in committee.

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