E-mail scams promise glamorous career

A woman fell victim to an e-mail scam that sold her on a non-existent modeling contract.

Like the modeling profession itself, the offer was seductive.

"The modeling agency sent this young girl an email stating that she could start modeling classes which could help her start modeling professionally," said US Postal Inspector Lori McCallister.

In the e-mail, she was asked for her weight, waist size, and three photographs.

"She received a check for $25-hundred dollars," said McCallister. "They said all she had to do was pay the royalties and the taxes on that check and that would help her get introduced into the modeling agency."

The problem: postal inspectors found that it was a scam.

"This was a counterfeit check," McCallister said. "Thankfully the mother realized her daughter was being scammed."

Investigators say this scam reflects an alarming trend.

McCallister said, "It shows now that the suspects and people committing these crimes; they are now going after college students and even younger potentially."

Fraudsters often troll to see who is visiting various websites, and then target them with a scam.

"If you have a passion for anything, you should be the one that is reaching out to these types of schools," said McCallister. "Whether it is modeling school, art school, or anything like that you should be the one looking online requesting further information."

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