EF-2 tornado touches down in western Ky.

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HAMPTON, Ky. (WKYT) - According to the National Weather Service office in Paducah an EF-2 tornado touched down in Hampton, Ky. in Livingston County Saturday afternoon.

NWS officials who surveyed the damage say the tornadoes path was 175 yards wide and stretched 1.75 miles long. The tornado touched down on the southwest side of Hampton, then traveled northeast along Highway 838 before dying out about 1.5 miles northeast of Hampton.

Some of the damage reported included shingles and the steeple ripped off a church, downed trees and tree limbs, shingle damage to multiple homes, and even a collapsed steeple at a second church.

No one was injured during Saturday's tornado.

The tornado's peak wind topped out at 120mph. Tornado strength is determined by the enhanced Fujita Scale, which classifies a tornado based upon the damage it causes. An EF-2 ranked twister is a strong tornado with wind speeds between 111mph to 135mph.

An EF-2 tornado is capable of tearing the roof of homes and completely destroying mobile homes. It's also not uncommon to hear of cars being lifted of the ground with a strong EF-2 tornado.

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