EKU dorm floods, forcing students out

RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - It was an early morning for some students at EKU after a broken water pipe forced hundreds out of their dorm.

"It just felt like another, regular fire alarm," said one resident of Martin Hall.

It wasn't. Around 1:30 Thursday morning, university officials believe a sprinkler head was possibly broken intentionally, inside the dorm.

"When the sprinkler head was vandalized, it came off. and in doing that, the hundreds of pounds of water shot through that. It wound up breaking an older pipe, about a six-inch water main," said Mike Reagle.

Reagle, the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs at EKU, said the majority of the water ended up going into the lower-level mechanical rooms, forcing the students out of Martin Hall and into other dorms and a nearby gym for the night.

Micah Gregory, a freshman at EKU said, "Inconvenience isn't the word for it, I got woken up at one 'o clock in the morning. I had to walk all the way over to Keene to sleep in someone else's room. Yeah, it kinda sucked. And he had to shoes on."

Reagle said the school's primary concern was getting all of the students out of Martin Hall into other living arrangements, but added authorities will be following up with this to determine what caused the sprinkler head to come off.

Students are encouraged to check the university's housing website for updates on when they can get back into their rooms.

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