EKY woman remembers tornado two years later

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WEST LIBERTY, Ky. (WYMT)- It will be two years on Sunday since an EF-3 tornado destroyed Betty Helton’s tax preparation company on Main Street in West Liberty.

“When you see these pictures on TV of where bombs went off in places, that’s about what it looked like,” Helton said.

The deadly tornado took the lives of 24 people statewide.

“When you work hard all your life to build something, and in just a few minutes, you lose it all. It’s just hard,” Helton added.

But despite her devastation, Helton kept pushing forward.

“I’m not really a quitter,” she said.

It was that mentality that gave Helton the strength to push forward. Just weeks after the tornado destroyed the building to her business, she went back to work by finishing her clients’ taxes from anywhere she could. Some were even done on a park bench.

“It wasn’t in too bad of shape, so from then on, there was a parking place and a bench, so there is where I finished up my tax season,” Helton said.

But if you ask her, Helton credits the loyalty from her customers that helped keep her in business.

“There were days where you think, why am I doing this? You know? And then, it’s done. So, it does feel pretty good,” Helton added.

Helton’s new business building is completely rebuilt and back open.

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