Early snowfall cancels Scott Co. schools, slows travel

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - The snow fell quickly this morning in Scott County, forcing road department crews to re-cover ground that they had treated last night.

Public works crews and business owners alike were also in on the effort to clear off sidewalks in downtown Georgetown.
And some heard the uncommon rumble of thunder this morning as the snow storm rolled through.

"You could hear a loud clap of thunder and then the lightening came in behind it, really lit up the sky really bright. It was a freak of nature type of thing. It was pretty cool," said Patrick Qualls with Georgetown Public Works.

Buses sat in otherwise empty school parking lots as the weather forced school officials to cancel class in Scott County.

"Which is a great idea, because a kids life is...you can't put a value on a human life," said Scott County Road Department Director J.R. Brandenburg.

Brandenburg's crews have been out much of the day trying to clear off the roadways that were re-coated by the morning storm.
He said he anticipates this all day, and adds he has the manpower, and the salt needed for now.

"We're out running again this morning, looks like we'll have some more tonight, maybe tomorrow night. So it might be a long weekend," Brandenburg said.

It takes around a dozen drivers about three and a half hours to get to all the roads in the county.

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