Eastern Ky. businesses called Lying Lee's raided

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MOREHEAD, Ky. (WKYT) - We've learned state, federal, and local authorities have launched an investigation into an eastern Kentucky businessman.

They spent hours on Tuesday raiding his used car lots and one of them is in Rowan County.

Lying Lee's Used Cars is a business that we are told is owned by Marty Stevens in Morehead. He also owns another used car lot in Ashland.

"It's an odd name. That's for sure," said Trooper Joe Veeneman, with Kentucky State Police.

"They basically have conducted five search warrants with Marty Stevens' properties," said Trooper Veeneman.

Those raids slowed down business for them in Morehead. Employees tell us their paperwork was ripped from them, and they had to turn customers away today. We are told dozens and dozens of state, federal, and local officials searched those businesses and homes.

"We have received multiple complaints over the years as far as the types of sales that have occurred at that location, especially Lying Lee's there in Morehead," said Trooper Veeneman.

State police won't say exactly what they are looking for since it's an ongoing investigation.

"Consumer-related would possibly be the best way to say that," said Trooper Veeneman.

But while we were searching for the owner, we saw state police hauling vehicles out of a used car lot owned by Stevens.

As for Stevens, a WKYT crew searched high and low for him. His employees told WKYT's Jerrika Insco that Stevens passed along the word that he did not want to comment on the investigation.

Employees didn't share very many details, saying they didn't know much. But they did express concern for Lying Lee's and what could happen to Stevens.

"They are not being shutdown through this investigation," said Trooper Stevens. "However, it could be, as a part of this investigation, it could be difficult for this business to continue day to day operations."

It's an ongoing investigation that will hopefully reveal what's up with Lying Lee's.

State police tell us a grand jury indicted Stevens on receiving stolen property charges last month.

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