Elder dumping: growing trend in Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) We met the Sabastians at a home in Lexington. They're now under the care of Ginny Ramsey and the Catholic Action Center. They had been walking the streets for a week.
"We found them at the downtown transit center on Vine. They didn't want to come. She was afraid we were taking her to a nursing home," Ramsey said.
Henry Sabastian is 55- years old, his wife Jenny is 66. They've been married since 1995. They've never been apart.
"I don't know that either of them would live very long without each other," Ramsey said.
Ramsey believes their daughter, who we are told is ill, paid for one night at a Lexington motel for the couple, then disappeared.
"When she left we were at the motel and we could no longer pay the hotel bill and it was raining extremely hard and we had to leave there in the rain," Henry explained.
"We just started walking for about a week or so. Just kept walking and walking wherever we want because we didn't really know where to go."
Ramsey says the Sabastians are part of a new, but growing trend of elderly dumping.
"They're vulnerable people who don't deserve to be left on the streets to get ill and possibly die," Ramsey said.

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