Elderly Rowan County woman robbed by handyman

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ROWAN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - An elderly Rowan County woman is reeling after she was robbed by her handyman. She says the man cut a hole in her floor to sneak out her lockbox. He made off with items that were not only valuable, but can never be replaced.

Mia Bowling spoke to WKYT on behalf of her mother, Linda, who was too upset to talk for herself. Bowling says the man was hired to replace the home's underpinning and to work on the ducts under the floor, that work was not finished.

"He did a lot more damage, than any of the work," said Bowling.

Bowling says the handyman took her mom's lockbox from underneath her bed, cut a bigger hole in the floor where the air vent is, and dropped the box through the hole to get it out of the house without being noticed.

The family believes the man knew exactly what he was doing when he agreed to work on the house. She says hundreds of dollars, along with her late-father's jewelry, and other irreplaceable items were inside the box.

"All the sentimental things that was in there, that meant the world to my family. We'd love to get them returned," said Bowling.

State Police are looking into this case, and are searching for the handyman.

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