Elementary school in Franklin County preps for bulletproof windows

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Thanks to a company in Canada, schools in Franklin County could soon have life-saving windows. It's a hard plastic intended to provide an extra layer of protection against active shooters but will guard against severe weather as well.

It's all a part of their active shooter program in Franklin County. And Westridge Elementary will be the first to try out a new material that will cover windows, in some cases making them bullet proof.

"We're really excited about it because it's not a program you said everyday in a school," said Montey Chappell, who is the Franklin County School Resource Officer.

It's the first of its kind in Kentucky. And it has the potential to make windows bulletproof at all schools.

"Now had Sandy Hook had this lament in there, even if they would have just made this smash resistant," said Deputy Chappell. "Sure he could have shot into the building. However, he wouldn't have been able to enter the building through that glass."

Westridge Elementary School will be the guinea pig, starting out by making their front windows smash resistant.

"We're going to take some of this, and we're going to shoot it," said Deputy Chappell. "We're going to shoot the glass and be able to see how long it takes it to be able to maybe smash it out with a baseball bat."

You can't stop time, but this simple material could save minutes for emergency personnel, and therefore, save lives also when severe weather strikes.

"It can also take wind damage to prevent chards of glass, so it's not just for an active shooter, but that's the main purpose," said Deputy Chappell. "But it also goes for those other purposes which make our schools safer."

The installation could take place as soon as Friday at Westridge Elementary. And the school resource officer in Franklin County tells us they are installing it there first because those schools tend to be more vulnerable to outside threats.

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