Emergency sirens in need of upgrades

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Emergency management officials say outdoor warning sirens have a typical lifespan of about twenty years. However, some in Fayette County have been operating since the '70s and emergency management officials say they're in critical need of upgrades.

City workers have been able to extend the lifetime of those sirens, but as they age, parts for repairs are getting hard to come by.

"It creates an issue because, basically, then the siren is either at less capability or non-functional for the time that it takes us to send the part back, get it rebuilt, and get it back in position," said Pat Dugger, Director of Lexington Emergency Management..

Over the years, city leaders have added new sirens to the system. The youngest are about 15 years old. Now the city plans to spend about $45,000 to replace five of the oldest sirens. This is where four of those five are located.

"The technology will allow the voice that comes over them to be cleaner, crisper, more clear. Because they're newer and a better technology, the sound is going to be able to carry a lot further than those five," said Dugger.

Dugger also says the city needs to add sirens in newly-developed outdoor areas.

"We need to continue to develop the siren system with those parks. I think two or three would probably give us the coverage that we need," said Dugger.

Emergency Management officials say the sirens will be replaced in the next couple of months.

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