Horses found in 'horrific' condition on Estill County farm

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ESTILL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Estill County Animal Control officers say they took five horses from a farm on Little Buck Creek Road Tuesday.

David Taylor, the judge-executive, says two of the horses were found in horrific condition and one of them had to be put down.

"That should have been my choice I should've been there with him," said Mary Hailey.

She says she knew it was time to euthanize Scooter, the horse she rescued three years ago after he broke his leg, so she checked into it with a vet earlier this week.

She tells us before she could put him down, animal control stepped in, accusing her of not providing adequate healthcare for two of her horses.

"They were my babies. My own kids were jealous of the horses," said Hailey through tears.

She admits that some of the horses weren't in great shape but she says they were neglected and abused by previous owners.

She showed us documentation showing numerous visits from veterinarians over the past few months. The latest one was on June 30.

"I love my animals and I would die for my animals. They don't have the best of everything but they did have three things: food water and love. It was more than most people would give them," she said.

Hailey is charged with second-degree animal cruelty.

She tells us she is a truck driver so when she traveled her children cared for the horses.

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