Estill County nearly out of salt

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ESTILL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) The Estill County judge-executive says for seven weeks he's been calling every salt supplier he can find, even one as far as Utah, just to hear them all say they’re squeezed for salt and don’t have any to spare.

“It gets aggravating having so many people hang up the phone. I’m starting to feel like a telemarketer, I know what it’s like now when people slam down the phone," said Wallace Taylor.

So far this winter, Estill County has used 500 tons of salt. They only had 10 tons of salt left Friday morning.

WKYT’s Mark Barber asked, "How much longer do you think the 10 tons will last?”

Taylor said, “We could use it up in a couple of hours if we don’t use it resourcefully.”

Taylor says they're short on salt because week after week they’ve been hit with freezing temperatures and icy roads.

He says they aren’t getting any help from their usual salt supplier because they only give out salt for contracts that were in place months ago.

Taylor says even the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet can't send them any salt because their supplies are also running low.

While Taylor keeps searching for another stockpile of salt, they're stretching what they have left as far as they can.

"We started reducing the number of roads we cover. We’re covering hills and curves, all the dangerous spots. As of this week we're starting to put down fine rocks on the road to give drivers some traction," he said.

Even though Taylor says he’s weary of the winter weather, there is something to smile about.

“Only 43 more days until spring,” said Taylor as he laughed.

Taylor says their road crews have worked so much overtime they'll have to cut back spending for their road department this summer.

Students have missed 17 days of school so far this year, according to Taylor.

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