Eubank mayor questioned for misuse

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PULASKI COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - City officials say a southern Kentucky mayor may have been misusing employees and equipment for years, and now he's being questioned. Those officials say they've contacted the attorney general's office to look in to whether Eubank Mayor Frey Todd is abusing his position of power.

Eubank is a tiny town of approximately 300 people in Pulaski County. They've only had one mayor, and he's been in office for 41 years. Now some city officials say it's time for change.

"That's really the reason I got on city council was to try to straighten things out," said Connie Belcher, one of the four city commissioners in Eubank.

"My goal is to make sure the citizens are treated fairly," said Luther Blanton, a former police chief in Eubank.

They blame Mayor Frey Todd for the misuse of city equipment by both city workers and even inmates and for what they call the unfair firing of the police chief for speaking up. For the time being, Eubank doesn't have a police chief and has only one police officer.

"Prisoners still continue to mow the yard of the mayor," said Belcher.

"I told them if they didn't step up to the plate and do something to stop the illegal activity, I would have no options then to turn it in to the authorities and have it investigated on a higher level," said Blanton.

What's their main concern? That taxes dollars are being misused. This city commissioner says she knows several of the city's operations are illegal, like the city purchasing six guns for law enforcement but the guns are nowhere to be found. They're also afraid city funds might have been misappropriated.

"I want it to be a good place to live. I don't want to hear about the misuse of things everyday," said Belcher. "And I've questioned it for five years, and we just continue to get no answers from the mayor."

We also didn't have much luck getting answers from the mayor. He didn't want to comment on camera, but he did comment, saying this is the first time he's had complaints since in office. And in reference to the attorney general's office possibly looking into this, he said that he's confident they won't find anything wrong with his operations in Eubank.

The attorney general's office cannot confirm or deny if they are investigating Mayor Todd.

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