Event honors Kentucky teen

He inspired people around the country to give a thumbs up.

13-year-old Lane Goodwin died a month ago, after a battle with a rare cancer.

He became well known because of a Facebook page called "Thumps Up for Lane" that went viral on the internet.

Those that packed into Hugh Jass Burgers for Thumbs-Up Day say it was about more than Lane Goodwin. It was about trying to find a cure for everyone with childhood cancer.

20 percent of all Hugh Jass Burgers sales today will go to the Goodwin family to help with medical expenses. Organizers said today's goal was to both celebrate Lane Goodwin's life, and to raise awareness of childhood cancer.

Team Lane t-shirts were for sale, cornhole games, and eating contests. Organizers also wanted to raise awareness for the Thumbs Up for Lane Goodwin Childhood Cancer Foundation.

Lane's mother, Angie Goodwin, says the foundation's goal is to make sure no more children die from cancer.

"This is about every kid fighting and every kid that's going to get diagnosed," said Goodwin. "It's got to stop. We've got a huge mission ahead of us, but we won't stop."

The Goodwin family says they hope to have more events like this around the state.

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