Ex-Kentucky mayor convicted of rights violations

PIKEVILLE, Ky. (AP) - A former eastern Kentucky mayor and her husband have been convicted of intentionally violating voters' civil rights during the 2012 elections.

A federal jury in Pikeville on Thursday handed down the verdicts in the case of 69-year-old Ruth Thomasine Robinson and her husband, 64-year-old James "Red" Robinson. Jurors also found her stepson, 32-year-old James Steven Robinson, guilty of conspiracy and vote buying.

Prosecutors said Ruth Robinson and her co-conspirators intimated poor and disabled citizens in order to gain their votes during the 2012 general election in Martin. The evidence at trial established that the defendants offered to pay several voters to vote for Ruth Robinson.

Prosecutors said members of the conspiracy filled out absentee ballots, marking the conspirators' choice of candidates, and then had the voters sign the pre-marked ballots.

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