Exit polls show economy top issue among worried voters

WASHINGTON (AP) - Exit polling suggests voters are intensely
worried about the future of the economy and unhappy with the way
President Barack Obama and Congress have been running things.
According to preliminary exit poll results, a strong vein of
disappointment ran throughout demographic groups, landing heavily
on Democrats.
The survey found that women split their House votes. Men favored
Republican candidates.
The tea party made a splash in its first election. About four
out of 10 voters endorsed the movement. While a majority of voters
said the tea party was not a factor in their House vote.
Six out of 10 independent voters said they disapproved of the
job President Barack Obama is doing.
Voters overall didn't hold a favorable view of either the
Republican or Democratic parties and overwhelmingly, people
surveyed were dissatisfied with the way the federal government is
The economy eclipsed all other issues. Almost everyone surveyed
-- more than 80 percent -- expressed worry about the direction the
economy will take over the next year.

(The preliminary results are from interviews that Edison
Research conducted for The Associated Press and television networks
with more than 12,800 voters nationwide.There is a margin of
sampling error of plus or minus 1 percentage points for the entire
sample, higher for subgroups.)

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