Exotic dancers arrested during golf scramble

Amythyst Brown was arrested after police say the exotic dancer was found with illegal drugs. They also say she had been drinking and driving near the Whitley County Country Club.

“I think I was set up because they wanted to search my stuff…and I don’t know why they would want to do that,” said Brown Monday from the Whitley County Detention Center.

Brown and Lachrisha Moberly were arrested after police were called to the country club Friday night. The Joey Taylor Memorial Golf Scramble was underway, but soon Taylor’s son became concerned of activities that had nothing to do with golf.

“He saw some things that were morally not correct….things upsetting to him,” said Sgt. Shawn Jackson with the Whitley County Sheriff’s Dept.

Brown says the way men were acting towards her led her to believe some thought she was there for more than just serving alcohol and food.

“I had people trying to touch on me….but I told them, no. I get that everywhere, so I didn’t think that much of it.,” said Brown.

Police would not go into detail with what they suspect was taking place at the country club over the weekend, but suffice it so say, they believe more arrests are possible.

Police say both Brown and Moberly were scantily clad, and Taylor’s family members say some of the women servers were very promiscuous towards the male golfers. Brown also questions what the golf scramble organizer’s true motives where for her involvement.

“I didn’t know he was wanting us to do ‘other things.’ That’s why I think he was trying to get us here, get us in trouble, because we didn’t do what he wanted us to do,” said Brown.

Brown was caught with a blue Ecstasy pill that police say she was trying to sell. She says she was told to sell alcohol, but didn’t know that Whitley was a dry county.

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