Expert offers late Winter gardening tips

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The wind is blowing and the sun is shining. It almost feels like Spring but your lawn is still dead. And though you may want to do something to help perk things up, some lawn experts say...not so fast!

"Its a little early. March is when you start doing your cleaning and thinking about what you're going to be doing once you get into April and May. Because in March you still could have some freeze. You still could have some snow. It's best. I know everybody is anxious especially with nice days but April and May is when you really want to start going," says Chris Redmond, owner of Redmond's Garden, Landscape, and Gift Center in Lexington.

But don't put down those gardening tools just yet! "Right now it's Spring cleanup time. You want to be mulching, edging, cutting back your double knockouts, grasses, any perennials and things like that," says Redmond.

Now is also prime time for making sure your plants have good nutrition. "You can be fertilizing your shrubs with any of your tone products which are organic. That is what you would want to use," explains Redmond.

If you would like to add some color to your garden pick a nice green plant and a colorful pot. That way when temperatures freeze you can bring the plant inside to keep it from dying.
As the old saying goes...never plant anything before Derby. The average last Spring freeze is April 15th with the latest freeze for Lexington on May 20th, 1894.

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