Expert underwater search team looks for missing man

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It's another day of searching for the family of Clarence Holmes.

"To be able to take him home, the world. Sorry..." said Holmes' aunt Dena Newcomb through tears.

Holmes went missing while on Laurel Lake back in July, all that was found was his boat.

"To be able to find Clarence and take him home, and know that we have him, then we can continue on with the grieving process. Be able to know. The not knowing is horrible, it's the worst thing in the world," said Newcomb.

So the family used the past few months to raise money at a handful of events, to bring in one of the best underwater search teams in the country.

"Getting Gene in, with his track record, and his ability, he's a marine biologist so he knows the water like nobody else," Newcomb said.

Gene Ralston and his wife Sandy came came in from their home in Idaho with their gear, to begin the search.

"Depth sounder has a color LCD screen which allows us to see the trees on the bottom just second before we get into them with the side scan tow fish," Ralston said pointing to gear in his boat, the Kathy G.

He and his wife have had dozens of successful searches, their boat even bears the name of a missing woman recovered by the duo. And he hopes to add this search to that list, but he knows it won't be easy, even with their side scan sonar.

"There's just seems to be something that we're all missing, including ourselves, as to where he is or why he can't be found," said Ralston.

The search will continue into the weekend, with few breaks in between trips out onto Laurel Lake.

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