Extreme cold and snow on the way

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Happy New Year and welcome to 2014. It looks as if we will start this year off with some pretty wild weather. Not only will we be watching for snow chances, but the cold will also take a big dip into the region.

New Year's Day looks fine! Temperatures will probably end up in the mid 40s for highs and we'll also see a good mix of sun & clouds in the area.

January 2nd will be the first big weather day of 2014. It's not the impact of the snow that will be the greatest threat, but the cold that will follow it into Kentucky. Generally, I think we'll see accumulations of 1"-3" in most areas. Basically, our entire area! The higher elevations of Southeastern Kentucky could see a good swath of 2"-4" or even higher in some cases. That will depend on how long the moisture feeds in behind the system.

With a good covering of snow on the ground we could see lows drop into the single digits for early Friday morning. That kind of airmass will also keep highs in the teens. When the wind blows, and it will be rather blustery, the feels like temps could hover around the negative territory.

Another blast will arrive on Sunday and it has more snowy potential than the first shot of snow. The air behind it could be some of the coldest we have seen in years. Perhaps flirting with single digit highs. So subzero wind chill readings will be a good possibility!

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