FBI asked to look at McConnell meeting recording

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - A recording of a private campaign meeting at Senator Mitch McConnell's campaign headquarters has surfaced on the Internet.

And now his campaign manager has asked the FBI to look into whether his headquarters was bugged.

In the recording, Senator McConnell and his aides talk about actress Ashley Judd, who at the time was still thinking about running for U.S. Senate.

"Watergate-style tactics" are what Senator Mitch McConnell is calling the most recent stunt pulled against him. The statement below is his reply when asked about the recording that is now public.

"Well, as you know last month, my wife's ethnicity was attacked by a left wing group in Kentucky, and then apparently they also bugged my headquarters, so I think that pretty well sums up the way the political left is operating in Kentucky," said Senator McConnell.

He and his campaign manager Jesse Benton say Senator McConnell's campaign headquarters was bugged after a recording of a private meeting surfaced online in the liberal-leaning magazine, 'Mother Jones.'

In the recording, you can hear Senator McConnell and his aides discussing potential democratic opponents, such as Ashley Judd.

"If I could interject. I assume most of you have played the, the game Whac-A-Mole? This is the Whac-A-Mole period of the campaign when anybody sticks their head up, do them out, and we're even planning to do it with the Courier here shortly," said Senator McConnell in the recording.

They even go on further to comment about her political positions, religious beliefs, and mental health.

"Clearly a theme that's easy to hit is that she's an out-of-touch, Hollywood liberal, and her grandmother, Polly Judd, referred to her as that. She was critical of the party in the '90s, the traditional Democratic Party, for giving too much support to the center and away from the left," said a presenter during the private meeting that was recorded. "She's clearly, this sounds extreme, but she is emotionally unbalanced. I mean it's been documented. Jesse (McConnell's campaign manager) can go in chapter and verse from her autobiography about, you know, she's suffered some suicidal tendencies."

The FBI is now involved, looking into whether Senator McConnell's campaign headquarters was indeed bugged.

Senator McConnell's manager says a recording device had been placed in his office without consent because the recording that went public was of a private campaign meeting.

'Mother Jones' magazine and the FBI in Louisville are not commenting on the current investigation.

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