Facebook post helps in Danville theft case

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DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Police are searching for answers after people stole from a motor mall in Danville. It happened Monday at Bob Allen Motor Mall's storage facility where police tell us a man and woman took off with a trailer.

But now the business is getting some help from social media to help them track down the suspects.

At Bob Allen Motor Mall in Danville, they've dealt with petty thefts in the past. But this time around they said enough is enough and turned surveillance video into police.

Once you see the video, there's no denying what happened at their storage facility just a couple miles down the road.

"We put these cameras up for a reason and hopefully this will help," said Jeremy Carson, a manager at Bob Allen.

Jeremy Carson, a manager at Bob Allen, says a $3,000 12-foot trailer used to transfer equipment and pick up materials is what you see stolen in the surveillance video.

"He wasn't scared," said Carson. "It was of course 1:30 or two o'clock in the morning, but he hung around, took his time, and was there for 38 minutes but not worried about passing traffic or anything, so pretty brave. We'd love to have the trailer back and charges filed," said Carson.

So managers at Bob Allen took to Facebook in hopes of getting help from the public. Bob Allen Motor Mall's post on their Facebook page reads, "We need some help catching a thief. See if you recognize this guy. He is driving a 2002 to 2006 light colored Toyota RAV4 in the Danville area."

The post and video got more than 30,000 views. Those people are bringing in tips and leads by the hour to Danville Police.

"We were stunned that so many people watched the video and so many people shared it," said Carson. "The community really stepped up on this."

Since they got so many tips on Facebook, managers say they'll be posting surveillance video in the future in order to catch more thieves.

Danville Police were already following up on leads Wednesday afternoon, looking to make arrests soon. Police say the suspects in this case face theft and burglary charges.

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