Fake players asking for UK donations

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - People living in a Lexington neighborhood are being told to be on alert for a couple of scammers.

People living in the Wellington neighborhood, off Reynolds Road and Clays Mill Road, tell WKYT that solicitors were in the neighborhood for hours. The men, who were wearing UK Football jerseys, knocked on doors and told people they were raising money for UK's baseball team. The funds were reportedly being raised to take a trip to Australia.

"Two young gentleman, they said they were associated on the UK baseball team. One said he was a pitcher for them," said Tom Bice, one the neighbors who was asked for a donation.

The two men told people that they wouldn't actually receive the magazines, because they would be donated to charity.

One woman says when she told the men she wasn't interested in ordering, the men got angry.

The sports information director for the baseball team says they received some call asking about this, and he says these people are in no way connected to the university. UK says if anyone comes into contact with these people, they should call police.

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