Achoo! Fall allergies already worse this year

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Cooler weather isn't the only sign that fall is quickly approaching. For many folks, sneezing and coughing also signal the change in seasons!

Fall allergies have arrived in the Bluegrass, and doctors say they'll likely be worse than normal this year.

"Stuffy nose and itchy eyes. All that stuff. And my throat kind of tickles too," said Tatjana Hays, who lives in Lexington and has allergies.

Several patients with allergies have walked in Dr. William Greisner's office in Lexington the past couple of days.

And from what he and other local doctors say, this season is already worse for people in the area just three days out from the first day of fall.

"Just looking at how my schedule has been lately, it's pretty obvious to me that patients out there are miserable. I'm seeing far more patients now than I typically do for this time of the year," said Dr. William Greisner, who is an allergist in Lexington.

Weed pollen is what allergists say is the culprit for why so many don't feel their best this time of year.

"The rain that just occurred a day or two ago has helped in terms of washing out the pollen, but within a day or so, we're going to see a lot more weed pollen as well as mold too," said Dr. Greisner.

Getting an allergy test is what doctors suggest if you have cold-like symptoms.

Allergists say one of the best ways to avoid these allergens is to shower and wash your clothes immediately after spending time outside.

Forbes Magazine reports, so far in 2012, Louisville is the third worst city for allergies with Knoxville, TN being number one.

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