Fallen airman honored with highway sign

Staff Sergeant Daniel Fannin Memorial Highway is the new name for Kentucky Highway 801. The Morehead native, 30, died on April 27, 2013, when his reconnaissance plane crashed in Afghanistan.

Wednesday at the Morehead National Guard armory, his memorial sign was unveiled in a ceremony with family, friends and distinguished guests.

"We remember him today and yes he left great memories for us to remember him by for generations to come," said State Rep. Rock Adkins, Sandy Hook.

"His family co-workers and friends still mourn his loss deeply," said Adkins.

Fannin's grandparents, mother and widow, Sonya Fannin, are still trying to grasp the loss of their loved one.

It's been about a year and a half and Daniel's death is still fresh in Sonya's mind.

"Couldn't be any prouder, just proud from the moon to the stars and back of him," said Sonya Fannin.

"Daniel made a lasting impact on many lives. During the accident investigation one airman commented I will teach my son the things that Sergeant Fannin taught me so his legacy truly does live," said State Sen. Walter "Doc" Blevins.

This sign will be placed right off the Sharkey-Farmers exit on Interstate 64 in the next few weeks.

"As I pull off 64 and my youngest sees that sign and she says 'Dad, who was that person?' I'm gonna say that person is a person that served for you to make sure that those freedoms and those hopes and those opportunities live for all generations to come," said Adkins.

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