Fallen Kentucky Marine honored at memorial ceremony

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A war memorial in Versailles honors those who lost their lives while serving this country. There have not been any additions since it was first dedicated after Vietnam. But, that changed today when Marine Corporal Nicholas Dieruf, from Woodford County was added to the memorial. He was killed in action during the Gulf War after Rocket propelled grenade pierced his heart.

"Of course it hit his heart. It was so big, there was no way to miss it," says Emily Chambers, Dieruf's widow.

Chambers has made it her mission to make sure Nick is never forgotten, "Nick Dieruf, a gentle but strong as my grandfather relayed man. So often we think of 21 year old's as boys but this 21 year old was such a man."

Chambers spoke before a large crowd about the selfless man Nick Deiruf was, "He frequently offered to be the designated driver among his fellow marines for a buck. He would do it for money. If those marines he was with happened to get sick in the car, that was an extra fee. He was doing all of this so he could pay for a ring for me."

Chambers says when they married, their guests rang bells as they left the church. She says one of those bells ended up in the cemetery after Nick's death, "It was tied to one of the flags we had. It never failed whenever I would visit the cemetery, the bell would find a way to ring."

Chambers says Nick wouldn't want all the attention he's receiving in Woodford County, but that he is so deserving of it, "I am just so thrilled that as my mission almost 10 years ago to never let Nick be forgotten, what evidence of that it was today."

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