Family: Boy doing better after he was hit by car

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NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Bryce Cornett's family said he was doing much better today. They say the ten-year-old had just stepped into the street yesterday when he was hit by a car.

"I've feared it every day and it actually happened. I'm just thanking God that it just got that little bit of hurt that he did," said Bryce's aunt, Jessica Peel.

Family friends told WKYT Bryce was about to get into his mother's car yesterday afternoon when another car drove by and hit him.

"It kind of just knocked him up on the hood of the car," said Peel.

"She called us hysterical, saying 'Bryce just got hit by a car, Bryce just got hit by a car!'," said family friend Brandon Gregory.

Now, the young boy is recovering from a leg injury, but his family and friends are thankful the accident didn't hurt him worse.

"Thank God that it's just his leg, it could have been so much worse," said Gregory.

"When they found out that he was going to have to have surgery, I said, you know, this could have been ten times worse," said Peel.

Bryce's aunt, Jessica, said the accident highlights the need for drivers to be careful.

"They squeal out of the parking lot across from us. People need to understand that there is kids in the neighborhood," she said.

They say Bryce was released from UK Hospital today, but will need to use a wheelchair and crutches for now.

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