Family: Missing Lexington man not dangerous

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police have warned that he's a danger to himself and other people.
But the family of a missing Lexington man tells us, that's not true.

James Caldwell disappeared from his home Tuesday morning. Police say he was last seen at a London Dairy Queen.

On Thursday, Lexington police issued two warrants for Caldwell, charging him with stalking and terroristic threatening.

The alleged threats he made before disappearing is a story that his brother, Neil, simply doesn't believe.

"It's hard to see somebody, pretty much be basically the perfect person, and then to what they say he is now, I don't believe it's true at all," Neil Caldwell says.

On Tuesday, Lexington police say Caldwell made specific threats against an individual as well as businesses and then left town.

"He could've just needed a drive and just needed to get away and had no clue that any of this other stuff was even happening," Caldwell says.

Surveillance photos show that Caldwell made that drive to the Dairy Queen in London on the very same day.

"I think he's scared, I think he thought he would hang out for a little while and I think now he's realizing that this has blown up way bigger than it ever should have," Caldwell says.

On Thursday, police charged Caldwell with stalking and terroristic threatening. Now, with these charges looming and Caldwell still missing his family is more than ready to have him back home.

"I'm hoping that he will come home, to me that's the most important thing, everything else can be worked out," Caldwell says.

Lexington police say all of the individuals and businesses that were threatened are aware of it.

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