Family calling man a hero after he stopped to help dying woman

BOYLE COUNTY, KY - (WKYT) He was a complete stranger, now the family of a woman who died last week considers him a close friend. Last Sunday Benji Riddell tried to help a woman on the side of the road in the pouring rain who was having a heart attack.

Even though Becky Quesenberry passed away her family is calling him a hero for giving her CPR, calling 911, and staying with her until help arrived.

Quesenberry's sister says the time since her death hasn't been easy, but she says her family has taken comfort in knowing her sister didn't spend her last moments alone.

Pat Bottom says her younger sister was driving home from work on March 24, when she had a heart attack.

Quesenberry managed to pull to the side of Kentucky 34, in Boyle County, but couldn't make it out of her car. That's when Benji Riddell pulled over to try to help.

"I asked if she was OK. She said no, I told her I was going to call 911 and she nodded her head," Riddell said.

He started trying to flag down other drivers to help.

"You could see, you could tell there was something wrong, a woman half hanging out of her car in the pouring rain, that ain't right," Riddell said.

No other drivers stopped. He stayed with Quesenberry until paramedics arrived. She was taken to the hospital, but didn't survive.

Her family knew someone had stopped to help her, but they didn't know who until the next day when Pat Bottom's son saw a post from a friend on facebook.

"In the post he had said he was upset because he had tried to stop and help a lady because he didn't think he could do enough to save her," Bottom said.

So the family reached out to Riddell, hoping to let him know how much he had done for Becky, and for them.

"In my book he was a hero because I know Becky would not wanted to die alone like that," Bottom said.

Riddell attended Quesenberry's funeral. He says it broke his heart when he heard she had died.

"I never would have thought that I'd touch so many people by doing this, but they've also touched me," he said.

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