Family, county in dispute over cemetery move

BLACKEY, Ky. (AP) - An eastern Kentucky family wants a county to help them stop a cemetery bearing from being moved more than 20 miles away from their home.

Michael and Marcia Caudill of Letcher County say a "burial is a sacred contract" and the hilltop Caudill-Hall Cemetery near Whitesburg shouldn't be relocated. A coal company mining in the area is seeking to move the graves and sought out the help of Everidge Funeral Home in Whitesburg.

Funeral home spokesman Larry Everidge told The Mountain Eagle a public notice posted in December had the intended effect - people expressed their concerns about the idea.

The cemetery is located about 3-1/2 road miles from Blackey. It holds the remains of at least nine people, the first of whom was buried there in October 1912.

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