Family escapes early morning fire thanks to shop worker

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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - A family of four was able to escape an early morning fire thanks to the quick response of a shop worker.

Family members tell WKYT that Jesse Spense, his wife, Brandi, and their young son, Bryce, along with another family member were at home when they got the call. "They live on top of my grandfather's shop," explains Chandler Lynn, Spense's cousin. "One of the workers noticed the top part of the house on fire and called Jesse and woke him up."

We're told the family was able to escape before the fire fully engulfed the building. "My uncle, Tracy Highlander, said that he drove by and there was nothing but smoke across the whole farm," explains Lynn.

County and city fire department officials responded to the scene. They say they believe the fire started in the stove but that the cold weather may have played a factor in how fast it spread. "If it is cold like this and it tends to be a little bigger fire, it'll spread faster" explains Chief Mike Fuller with the Scott County Fire Department.

We're told there were some gas tanks in the shop but thankfully they were removed before the fire spread.