Vigil set to remember Lexington teen killed by police

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - 20 years ago this October, 18-year old Tony Sullivan was shot in the head as police were serving a felony warrant for his arrest.

Then Lexington Police Sergeant Phil Vogel said his gun accidentally discharged as he was trying to un-cock it.
After an investigation, a grand jury decided not to indict him.

Riots ensued following the decision, turning Lexington's north side into a chaotic, violent scene.

Now, all these years later, family and friends of Tony Sullivan want to come together to not only remember their lost loved one, but also make the public aware of their rights especially when dealing with the police.

"Oh, it's an honor. I'm going to remember that smile, I'm going to remember T-Love," said Brannon Dunn, referring to Tony Sullivan.
Dunn continued, "I'm going to remember his brother, looking at his brother and understanding we're a family, is very important in understanding and compassion having compassion for those individuals that of been lost, and not forgetting that they have been lost. But then furthermore, not forgetting why his life was taken."

The gathering will be held at the corner of Race and Fifth Street beginning at 6 o'clock Sunday night.
Dunn says Sullivan's family will likely be present.

Dunn is a Volunteer Advocate with the Volunteer Advocate Group of Lexington.

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