Family holding out hope they'll find missing man

LAUREL CO., Ky. (WKYT) - Clarence Holmes recorded iphone video on July 5th of 2012, as a storm was about to rock Laurel Lake. Later that night, he was reported missing.

“He was last seen at 3:45. His boat was seen at 5, but it was not reported until 9 that night,” said Dena Newcomb, Holmes’ aunt.

Local search and rescue officials say since then they’ve exhausted all avenues and options in hopes of finding Holmes.

His family has contacted underwater expects known around the world. They say they’ve even spoken to the man who helped find the Titanic for advice.

“But he put me in touch with some guys who run sonar along the tops…I know that is costly,” said Newcomb.

The problem is that Laurel Lake drops more than 200 feet at its deepest.

“But the trees, no one can rule out the underwater forest of trees that was never removed before they let people swim on this lake,” said Newcomb.

No answers, but only the hope that one day they will discover what happened and end the daily pain they are feeling.

“Imagine losing someone in a car wreck every day. The same person, that is what it is like,” said Newcomb.

The missing person case is under investigation by the US forest Service and Laurel sheriff’s office.

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