Family loses everything in Lincoln County fire

LINCOLN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) -- A family with five children lost their home and all of their belongings after a fire in Lincoln County.

The fire sent all eight people inside the home fleeing. Heather Vergara, her husband, her five children, and her brother are all currently homeless after the fire Thursday evening.

"My bother come in there to wake us up because the kitchen was smoking and he didn't know what was going on," said Heather Vergara.

The owner of the home tells us he had insurance on the house and it will be rebuilt, but the Vergara family didn't have renters insurance, so they've lost everything they own.

"Gone, everything was pretty much gone, we didn't get a handful of stuff back out of it," said Vergara.

Inside the home were the gifts for her daughter, who turns five Sunday.

"Her presents burned when the fire came, we had just went and got them," said Vergara.

Vergara says she plans to use a bit of the money they've collected to buy some new presents but she says the need is still great.

"I still can't believe it happens, every time I go by the house I want to cry."

Even as dark as those ashes may seem, she says it has shown her how generous people can be as some donations have already started coming in.

"I really want to thank everyone who has helped, we really needed the help, we were scared, we didn't know what to do," said Vergara.

For others wishing to give, the Heather Vergara fire loss fund at the First Southern Bank in Stanford is waiting.

Vergara says they are accepting donations of clothes and other goods at the Best Western in Danville where they're staying for the next few days.

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