Family members of crash victim want to thank nurse who helped others involved

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"She didn't know the family, but that didn't matter. A nurse drove by the horrific wreck on US 60 in Woodford County and immediately pulled over to help.

Here's just a portion of the 911 call between the nurse and the operator:

Caller: Oh dear God..
Dispatcher: Ma'am? Ma'am?
Caller: He's okay, the baby is okay!
Dispatcher: Ma'am?
Caller: Take the whole seat out, baby. Do not take her out of that seat! It stabilizes her spine snap her back in it.

"I'd love to meet this nurse. Just to get to hug her, shake her hand, or something to thank her. At least get to thank her anyway," says Dwayne Eastep, the great uncle of Blake Cohorn.

While family continues to mourn the loss of five-year-old, Blake, they can't help but to be grateful the five others in the car survived.

"She is an angel on earth. She's a good Samaritan. She's an angel. God watches over people but he could have taken all six of them," adds Eastep.

There is an emptiness on Embry Avenue in Lexington, where Blake lived now that he is gone. But family members hope a crowd shows up Wednesday night for a candlelight vigil in his honor.

"Like for anybody to come by to come by. Anybody that has had a loss of anything, feel like they need to come. It would be appreciated. The little boy is going to be missed pretty bad," Eastep says.

Emotions for Blake's uncle Dwayne Eastep have turned to frustration toward the suspected drunk driver, 26-year-old Alfonso Diaz-Diaz.

"He'll still get to see his family. I don't care if it is in jail, he will still get to see his family. But we'll never get to see Blake no more, unless it's in heaven," says Eastep.

Diaz-Diaz was released from the hospital Wednesday afternoon. He is now booked in the Woodford County Detention Center. He faces several charges.

Blake Cohorn's parents, Wendy and Rocky are both at UK hospital and are listed in fair condition.

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