Family of Perry County fire victims believes they were murdered

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PERRY COUNTY, Ky. - (WKYT) - The family members of two people found dead during an eastern Kentucky house fire have raised new questions about the investigation.

They now think the victims were murdered.

On April 19th, firefighters found a man and woman dead at a burning home in the Busy Community of Perry County.

Family members of Christina Thacker and Garfield Harald initially believed their deaths were accidental.

But family members are now suspicious of how their loved ones died after listening to the phone call made between dispatchers and the Perry County Coroner.

Dispatch: “Upon the fire department's arrival, there was blood all around the residence and there must have been somebody inside of it. We don't know if they was murdered and then burnt up.”

Family members are beginning to suspect that their loved ones' deaths were anything but accidental.

“I heard he was stabbed several times and they burned him,” said William Harald, Garfield Harald’s brother.

Both families say it's hard to come to terms with something so tragic and difficult to believe that someone would want their loved ones dead.

“I believe there was more to it and if there was I hope they find out and do something about it,” said Brenda Couch, Christina Thacker’s aunt.

So far police have no suspects in the case.

Investigators are still trying to figure out what killed both victims and what caused the fire.

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