Family of injured teen asking for prayers as they take her off life support

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The family of a Central Kentucky woman badly injured in a crash months ago is asking for prayers after deciding to take her off life support.

18-year-old Kristen Corey Westerfield was injured just days before her high school graduation on May 21. Her mother says even though she'll soon be off life support the family isn't giving up hope for a miracle.

Westerfield wrecked on US 68 after leaving graduation practice at Washington County High School.

"She flipped her car twice and it damaged her neck and down in her back to her spine," said Shelby Corey, Kristen's mother.

Westerfield was taken to the University of Louisville Hospital for treatment where she spent four weeks. She was brought to Good Samaritan in Lexington in June. Corey says in that time their family has received an outpouring of support from friends, family, and even complete strangers

"So much love," she said. "Our church has been great, Facebook, I got friends I don't even know them, God knows what you need when you need it."

She says they'll need every bit of that support as they approach the coming days. Kristen's injuries left her unable to move and doctors have told the family machines are keeping her breathing. Her mother says she's had complications with infections and pneumonia.

"God will hear us, if he doesn't heal her here, he'll heal her in Heaven, and he'll help us through this but I want as much prayer going up for my baby," she said.

Corey says the only way she can help her daughter now is through those prayers. On Saturday doctors will take Kristen off of the machines that are helping her breathe.

"Right now she's suffering and I prayed really hard about the decision to take her off the machine. I believe God's gonna do something, whether he helps us just get through it or he's gonna heal my baby."

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