Family of murdered Danville couple reacts to arrest

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SOMERSET, Ky. (WKYT) -- Family members of two of the victims in a Danville triple murder, Angela and Michael Hockensmith, told us Wednesday that news of the arrest came as a relief.

The Hockensmiths ran the ABC Gold, Games, and More store where they were killed.

Wednesday night, one of their family members told us the suspect, Kenneth Keith actually offered his condolences to her after the murders.

Kenneth Keith, 48, is someone Charlene Worley knows well.

"We have known each other for several years now, I always thought him to be a very upstanding man," said Worley.

But on Wednesday, the man she thought she knew was arrested in connection with the murder of her daughter Angela Hockensmith and her son-in-law Michael.

"That was the life of my baby that he took, my only child so it is just unbelievable," said Worley.

"He took something from us that no one can ever give us back and we would just like to know why," said Duke Lewis, Michael Hockensmith's father.

Michael's mother says Barbara says she was even more shocked when she realized that Keith actually approached her at her son's funeral.

"Do you realize that he came up to us and introduced himself and told us who he was. He said 'we knew them well and they were loved at our church'," said Barbara Lewis. "It took a lot of gull for someone who knew that they did it to introduce themselves and talk about how you loved them knowing that he took their life."

She says Michael and Angela attended Main Street Baptist Church in Burnside, where Keith was the pastor.

The couple also knew Keith through the pawn business.

Michael Hockensmith worked at Gold Rush Gold Buyers pawn shop with Kenneth Keith until about two years ago. Family members tell us that Michael's working relationship with Keith did not end on a good note.

Although the family is relieved that an arrest has been made, they're still determined to figure out the answer to the most important question of why.

"I just want to know why he killed them," Barbara Lewis told us.

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