Family of shooting victim starting petition for harsher punishment

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Now ten days after two men admitted to their role in the 2010 shooting death of Rocardo Cole, Cole's family is asking for all the signatures they can get petitioning the recommended five year sentence for the crime.

We were outside the courtroom to talk to Rocardo Cole’s family after the guilty pleas were entered.

Elanda Warren, Cole's mother, told us on April 14th, "I feel like he's been killed all over again. If they weren't gonna do nothing they should have let it go in the beginning instead of letting us go through all of this to give them five years."

Now Cole’s family say they are desperate for a more just outcome, and are taking steps to achieve just that.

"We've actually researched and we've found that other families have started petitions in regards to their loved ones that have been killed by someone else. So we actually decided to piggy-back on that idea and, trying to get some justice served," said Tiffany Smith, who started the petition.

Smith said will eventually make it’s way to the presiding judge in the case, and added the examples of petitions that they researched largely made a difference.

"It's a, get as many as we can. Again we have like four days. So, it's been on there for two days now and it's gotten approximately 120 signatures I believe. So we're just trying to get as many as we can," Smith said.

Smith says the comments from friends and family of Cole on the petition site are particularly touching. You can view the petition by clicking on the link attached to this story.

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